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The Cape gooseberry is also known as the golden berry, ground tomato, husk cherry, and poha berry. Whatever you call it, you’ll recognize it. Infact, it’s so recognizable, its intense tang still shines through our 10 fruity nut mix. This little beauty is more than just a dried fruit; it’s a one berry, super fruit.

Latin Name:
Physalis angulata

Did you know:
In South America Cape Gooseberries were given to children to aid their speech. However, adults will be speechless when they try our premium lines such as the 10 fruity nut mix.
Let’s be clear, our fig delights are an absolute delight. Unsurprisingly, this unique product has been one of our strongest sellers since the Fruit Zone range began. Whether Speckled with coconut or sesame seeds, centered with almonds or walnuts, our premium fig combinations provide an incredible taste experience.

Latin Name:
Ficus carica

Did you know:
It is often said that “humans could live on figs alone”.