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Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Horizon Food Ltd were recently awarded the license to supply dried fruit under the 'Hello Kitty' brand, one of the most recognised single character, globally, making it a brand that can sell itself, from Day 1.

Our offering:

Hello Kitty 25g x 20 packs PILLOW BAGS


Available in SRP (Shelf Ready Packaging)

Hello Kitty vs 'Private Label'

  • There is clear indication that a Hello Kitty branded product can outsell an own label up to 12 times on many food items.
  • The offering of Hello Kitty is more expensive than a usual brand but value and volume increases are still experienced.
  • The Hello Kitty range now appeals to a much wider audience.
  • One of the few branded products that will instantly sell from Day 1 off the shelf!

Horizon Food Ltd.

As an innovative company, we are always open to suggestions of what you would like to see on your shelf. We can also negotiate exclusive lines for various seasons, 'Back to school', Halloween, Easter, etc.

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Hello Kitty