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Belgian Choco Nuts
Crunchy nuts covered with exquisite Belgian Chocolate. ORDER CODE: R305 (12 x 90g) &n..
Choco Nuts
Roasted Almonds and Hazlenuts coated in mild and white chocolate in a handy quad pack, ready to g..
Fig paste coated with coconut and toasted sesame seeds and delicately crowned with walnuts and al..
Jumbo Medjool Dates
Medjool dates carefully selected & hand picked Net Weight: 175g ..
Caramel Nuts
Mixed Nuts slowly roasted and caramelised in small copper pans. ORDER CODE: R306 (12 x 70..
Exotic Collection
Superior medjool dates with fig paste crowns rolled in coconut and topped with almonds. Presented..
Luxury Lerida figs centered with crunchy walnut halves. Net Weight: 160g ..
Goji Berry
Sun dried goji berry, The perfect super fruit in a handy quad pack, ready to grab on the go... ..
Cranberry and Peanut
Dried Cranberries and Roasted Peanuts mixed to provide a great flavour in a handy quad pack, read..
Ginger Crystals
Top quality crystallised ginger! Refreshing and tasty. ORDER CODE: R307 (12 x 90g) ..
Detox Shot
Perfect blend of Raisins and Goji Berry to detoxify the body. ORDER CODE: R308 (12 x 90g)..
Jumbo Raisin Mix
Jumbo Golden Raisins mixed with Californian Sultana's as a sweet alternative, packed in a handy q..
Energy Boost
Nuts and Dried fruit nutritionally selected to give a an energy boost. ORDER  CODE: R309..
Malatyan Apricots
Juicy sundried apricots from the region of Malatya, Packed in a handy quad pack, ready to grab on..
Fruity Almonds
Almonds coated with fruit paste and a crunchy shell. Incredible! ORDER CODE: R310  (..